Innovation and Design

Evolution of the Pipe

Anatomy of the Magnetic Pipe

Hawaii PipeFarm‘s hybrid magnetic pipe design is foremost about functionality. We strived to make a pipe with a smooth draw that was easy to utilize and easy to clean with durability beyond that of ordinary glass. The design features magnets that connect ceramic bowls to mouthpieces made from hardwoods and other materials as acrylic, antler, coconut shell etc. This innovative design allows for a screen filter to be placed in a chamber between the bowl and mouthpiece keeping your mouthpiece clean and ash from getting through to your mouth. Easy to clean brass tubing lines the inside of the mouthpiece, in addition the ceramic bowl is not hollow like glass, instead it has a straight small diameter hole running through the middle and out the back which functions as your carb hole. The interior of the pipe is easily cleaned utilizing pipe cleaners and or cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

Because of the ceramic bowls solid construction and firing temperature to over 2000° they are extremely durable and difficult to break. Our bowls also feature three holes in the bowl instead of one. This subtle feature allows for better airflow and a very smooth draw without clogging while acting as a built-in screen allowing less debris to enter the interior chamber of the pipe.

In conclusion Hawaii PipeFarms hybrid magnetic pipe is easy to clean! Hard to break! allows no Ash in your mouth! and is a triumph in functional art!