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The goal was to create the perfect pipe - beautiful, functional and durable. We start at the pottery wheel with a high fired (2000 deg) stoneware ceramic head w/ exclusive multi-hole bowl and straight-through hole for easy cleaning. Next the lathe to create a custom mouthpiece featuring local hardwoods lined w/brass for easy cleaning. Ring magnets connect this mixed media masterpiece for an airtight yet easy to open connection and a satisfying "snap!" The cherry on top is the removable internal screen that sits perfectly in the mouthpiece - no more scooby snacks! And remember each pipe is a one of a kind collectible work of art.Click here to see how our hybrid pipes work
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Use something like a q-tip or paper clip or bamboo skewer and be gentle - the screen sits perfectly in its seat and just needs a tap to fall out. The important thing is not to bend the screen - tap it gently to remove and install. Our high quality screens are custom made for Hawaii PipeFarm and are available under accessories. Click here to see how to remove and insert the screen
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We are fortunate to live on the Big Island of Hawaii and have access to sustainable sources of local hardwoods such as Koa, Milo, Padauk, Lychee as well as others. We also make custom combinations of mixed materials such as real coconut chips and green acrylic. Shop for pipes
Because we're a mixed media shop we work with ceramic artists, glass blowers and wood workers to create artist collaboration pipes. Red Alder Studios in Humboldt California is our latest collaboration - you can see the different technique like shellac relief that's indicative of Alder's work - beautiful! Hawaii PipeFarm Hybrid PipeShop for pipes
We start with our high fired (2000 deg) ceramic body and engineer a straight-through hole for a lifetime of easy cleaning. All our ceramic pipes include our multi-hole bowl which provides even burning and screen-like filtration. At around half the price of our hybrids, it's a lot of pipe for the money and like all our pipes is a one of kind collectible work of art.Shop for pipes
Many of our pipes feature 22k gold in the bowl. The purpose of the gold is purely aesthetic and does not change the smoking characteristics of the pipe. Gold is extremely pure and also very soft so the thin layer that's in the bowl may wear off with excessive use and cleaning. The life is greatly extended by wiping out the bowl with only soft materials like cotton swabs and never paper towels -see our cleaning guide in below.hybrid pipe Shop for pipes
Our latest innovation, this new pipe uses a hollow ceramic mouthpiece that allows smoke to expand and cool for a smoother draw similar to glass pipes. This mouthpiece features the same internal screen and magnetic connection as our hybrid pipes which means it can be interchanged with any hybrid pipe. In the future we will offer this mouthpiece separately as an accessory - for now we're offering with a ceramic single hole lava tube bowl style.expansion chamber pipeShop for pipes
Our take on the classic chillum pipe, we have both single and three hole bowls. Deep bowls, excellent portability and a great price make these Lava Tubes instant collectible classics. Shop for pipes
14mm ceramic bowls! Hand thrown on the potters wheel. Been perfecting my technique for quite some time now. Perfect airtight fit into any 14mm downstem. Heavy and durable made from solid ceramic, not hollow like glass. 3-4 holes in the bowl allows for better airflow and no clogging! Also the ash stays in the bowl keeping your bong much cleaner and smelling much nicer! This is something entirely new! Enhance your bong smoking experience!ceramic bowlShop for pipes
We recommend isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for cleaning the ceramic bowls, ceramic bodies and the inside of the hybrid mouthpiece. DO NOT use alcohol on the outside of your mouthpiece as it may break down the finish - just use a polishing cloth. If your ceramic head or body is very dirty let the whole bowl/pipe soak in a glass of rubbing alcohol for at least an hour and everything will brush away with a pipe cleaner or q-tip. If you don't have any alcohol you can do a basic cleaning with hot sink water and a pipe cleaner. NOTE: Gold bowls are very soft and will scratch easily - remember it's just an aesthetic layer so don't use a paper towel to wipe out the bowl as they are actually quite rough - for gold bowls use a cotton swab or a soft toilet tissue. Our black bamboo poker works best for cleaning the bowl holes, but a large paper clip will also work as well as a bamboo skewer. The holes are tapered so follow the taper and don't force it. Shop for pipes
Hawaii PipeFarm is located near the town of Pahoa in the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shop for pipes
If you're on the Big Island of Hawaii stop by Uncle Roberts and meet us in person! Our largest selection is on this website with FREE shipping. We also feature pipes on Amazon.com and Etsy.com - just search for Hawaii PipeFarm. Shop for pipes
Fundamentally they are the same thing, but ceramic has the advantage of being so much more durable. It's just as clean and non-porous as glass and easily as beautiful with so many glazing possibilities. Of course blown glass is stunning and unique, but the shapes are often hard to clean, fragile and expensive. Shop for pipes
Hybrid Pipe Demonstration

Hybrid pipe demonstration

How to remove the screen

How to remove the screen from the hybrid pipe