About Us

Hawai’i Pipe Farm

Hawai’i PipeFarm has been making its unique smoking products in the Puna district of Hawaii since 2018. Our origins go a little further back…

Kevin Simmons the founder moved to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands in the late 2000s to take a job working as a local radio DJ. There he was inspired by the Rastafarian culture and their preferred smoking device, the chalice or chalwa. He learned to make ceramic bowls and down stems so that he could make his own chalice. From there he started making his unique pipe design and the rest is history.

After moving back to the mainland he set his sights on Hawaii as the ideal place to establish himself and his new pipe business. His love of the tropics and his passion for fishing along with the Aloha culture of Hawaii made the big island of Hawaii the ideal home for Hawaii PipeFarm!