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hybrid pipe
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Review for Hybrid Pipe

We visited the Koa Wood Ranch shop in Kona last September and came across the Hybrid Beauties and purchased one, which led to purchasing many more. The craftsmanship and creativity is quality and craftsmanship that is awesome. I’m mired with each ones ability to capture a sense of what the Island means to you and the colors in your glazing is so spot on and conveys a feeling when in your hand. I am looking forward to a full future of more for my collection.

Thank you so mu

Review for Hybrid Pipe

This is beautifully handcrafted and unique pipe. The straight through design and magnetic disconnect to separate the bowl from the mouthpiece make this a breeze to keep clean. The screen is a nice feature to eliminate scooby snacks.

Review for Hybrid Pipe

I had the pleasure of purchasing many of these pipes, and Iʻm always happy with the product, design, and quality of these handcrafted pieces. Great product!